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Aerospring Garden Mini

3 sections, 9 plants

$350 SGD

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Aerospring Garden Standard

9 sections, 27 plants

$580 SGD

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Aerospring Garden Pro

12 sections, 36 plants

$680 SGD

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Aerospring Indoor with Aerospring Standard

9 sections, 27 plants

$1499 SGD




All edible hydroponic seedlings grown from seed or cuttings and propagated with Grodan rock wool cubes designed specifically for use in an Aerospring Garden. These seedlings can be also be used for other hydroponic systems and in some cases, soil gardens. Seedlings are delivered rooted in rock wool cubes and placed in 75mm white NFT cups. We deliver islandwide for a flat fee on a minimum order.



We grow many varieties of the same species, for colour and flavour profiles. We even have difficult to cultivate and rare (in these parts) herbs for your own garden.

Leafy Greens & Salads

Leafy Greens & Salads

Grow leafy greens and create your own healthy salads at home.

Vegetables & Chilis

Vegetables & Chilis

Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Melons & Chilis from all over the world.

Tropical Edible Fruits & Flowers

Tropical Edible Fruits & Flowers

Rooted cuttings and tropical edible flowers to incorporate in your salads, drinks and desserts!



We stock quality branded packets of seeds which you may germinate yourself.
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