Easily Grow Herbs & Veggies

Aerospring offers high-quality vertical hydroponic systems, solutions, and accessories. Along with an assortment of seedlings and seeds.

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Grow Smart, Not Hard

Aerospring Gardens are simple and easy to use. Our systems are low-maintenance and require less work than traditional gardening. Beyond having to occasionally harvest, plant, or prune — growing with an Aerospring Garden is automated and virtually hands off.

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Produce Way More

Aeroponics is a branch of hydroponics that introduces more oxygen into the roots, which has been proven to drastically accelerate growth and improve yields. Our low-pressure aeroponic drip design produces more food per square meter than soil gardening or traditional hydroponics.

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Save Space & Time

The Aerospring vertical gardening system allows you to grow almost anything all year round and create your own personal urban garden inside and outside your home. The versatility of the garden allows you to grow from 3 to 27 plants using only 10 square feet (1 square metre) of space.

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 Grow Almost Anything

Grow great tasting, fresh, healthy, nutritious, sustainable, and pesticide-free food. Aerospring Gardens can grow almost anything.

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Watch and Learn More

 Get Started

Come by and see our Aerospring Gardens in action. Or drop in to pick up accessories and supplies.

Our store is open on the weekends from noon to 5 pm. And we’re also available by appointment during the week.

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Absolutely brilliant way to grow your own vegetables and herbs at home! A really great product. - Daniel Tan SK

Been using my aerospring for a little over two months now, and it has brought tremendous joy to watch it grow into a lush pole. The aerospring system is beautifully designed, and best of all, easy to maintain for a busy urban dweller! Thank you to Thorben and Nadine for bringing us the aerospring system! - Woon Chee Yeo

Fantastic little garden, for once my plants aren't dying. The help and support we have received is incredible. Will buy another in the future! - Melissa Pohl

The new Indoor Aerospring is very good for apt. dwellers. It doesn't even need sunlight from balcony or window. After 2 weeks, my seedlings have grown very big,. There is more than enough lettuce than I can eat. Also this fresh veg. from my living plants, is superior to expensive org. veg. from the supermarket, which are plucked many days ago from the farm. - William Tan

A great system for growing plants at home, and they have an excellent community and after sales support, if you need advice and guidance on how to get the best out of your system. - WahJiam Tan

I bought my Aerospring garden system in February 2018 and have been a really happy and satisfied urban 'balcony gardener' since then. The Aerospring system requires relatively little care, so it suits me as a busy professional with not much time during the week. Most of my plants have done well and I've enjoyed eating freshly plucked salads and have made huge amounts of delicious pesto with the different kinds of basil I've grown successfully. At one point I had such an abundance of chillies that I gave little bottles of pickled chillies to everyone in my office! Nadine and Thorben have always been super-helpful in answering all my questions and I love the dedicated Facebook group where owners can share their successes, questions, and recipes! - Mallika Ramdas

Been 5 months that we have the Aerospring system. What joy it gives us as we watch the fruits and vegetables grow day by day! Simply therapeutic! - Gilbert Chuah

Gosh! Buying AeroSpring is one of the best decision I’ve made. It brought me so much joy just looking at it. Not to say the many benefits I reap. I simply love the idea of garden to the table. Not just my family and I love it. Look who loves it too... my pet dog, Cino. Sometimes, when he doesn’t have good appetite, I simply add some ‘Summer savoury’ and he’ll finish his food! - Angeline Lim

You can get a cheaper hydroponic system from Taobao or elsewhere. But what kind of plastic do they use? You need to run your fingers through one of those cheap China systems and then compare it with how it feels when you run your fingers through the Aerospring - the latter is solid, food-grade plastic. It gives me great peace of mind when my family eats off the Aerospring. We have had it for more than 2 years now. It works so well, it is hard to imagine life without it. - The Kohs

Great system 😃 . Been up & running for a year now and I haven't needed to buy any salad leaves from the shops in that time. Great for herbs too. Melons, cucumbers, tomatoes and the like take up a bit more room, but if you have the space, go for it! - Louise Donaldson

Bought my aerospring less than two months ago and the plants are already becoming huge. It's impressive to see how fast they are growing and I would never have dreamed of planting this much stuff on my small inner city balcony. Love it! - Peter Logarn

I've had my aerospring garden nearly 2 years now and it's one of the most loved things in my house. The benefits of having one of these either inside your house with the indoor system or on your balcony are numerous and i'll try to outline them..I'm a big fan of comprehensive reviews, lol. (1) I love the fact that I have fresh herbs, salads and vegetables all year round and not just small plants either. I have a passionfruit vine that is massive and produces the sweetest passionfruit I've ever tasted. (2) Getting the aerospring has actually made me a better cook. I am more interested in finding and trying new recipes and using my fresh ingredients in different ways. I didn't expect this to occur but was an unexpected benefit. I've created different types of pestos, made chilli oils and am harvesting seeds to use in my cereals. (3) My daughter (3 years old) loves the garden and we will both spend time together harvesting, talking or simply just looking at the plants. It's a great way to show children where their food comes from as well as teaching them about the environment impact of store-bought food (carbon footprint and also freshness). I've had my system for awhile and it has easily recouped its costs on a financial level alone, however when I consider all the benefits I have from it, it was recovered as soon as I got my first harvest. The satisfaction of growing your own produce is second to none, and coming from someone who has in the past killed a palm tree and a cactus (seriously!), this system has allowed me to be able to successfully become a green thumb. LOVE IT! - Emma Mahon

A great system which works v well, nothing better than eating plants grown on own balcony! - Vadim Mytnik-Gonta

Bought my outdoor aerospring a couple of months ago. Loving it! Successfully growing lots of edibles - herbs, kale, lots of greens, lettuce etc. Really satisfying eating what I have grown myself on my balcony. Family enjoying eating very fresh produce. Good quality, durable product. Great support and info re plants, any growing issues, how to deal with pests etc on the aerospring owners facebook group. - Nic

Knowledgeable and extremely friendly couple selling awesome aeroponic systems! - Maurin Cornuz

Great system for urban gardening! - Sean Bellamy McNulty