Growing vertically in small places

The Aerospring is an easy and quick to assemble vertical aeroponic gardening system. Put together in 15 mins with no tools required!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned green thumb gardener, the Aerospring will contain everything you need to start your own urban farm right in your apartment, balcony, rooftop terrace or front/back yard.

The Aerospring consists of a 75 litre bucket, a lid for the bucket with a small service port, 9 or 12 hexagonal planter sections, a shower head with lid, 9 or 12 water pipe conduits and a water pump with hose and connectors. Your starter kit also includes all the necessary liquid nutrients and a seedling kit. It is made of high quality, UV-stabilized, food-safe plastic that is meant to last many years in the sun. Singapore-based customers are provided with complimentary edible seedlings to get their pole started. A one-time coupon code is also issued so that you can purchase your own selection of seeds when you are ready to start growing. This also ensures you start with the freshest seeds possible!

Please note that sunshine and air are essential for optimal plant growth - you must have a balcony or an outdoor space to grow. Edible plants require more sunlight than houseplants and thus won't thrive without this essential ingredient. Growing indoors is only possible with adequate artificial LED lights in the correct spectrum range.

Easy peasy gardening

The Aerospring can grow almost anything including tomatoes, cucumbers, salads, spinach and herbs. It's fun for the whole family and a wonderful way to introduce your children to the joys of gardening. The only way to be assured of knowing exactly where your food comes from is to grow your own!

It's a compact, automatic, self- watering vertical gardening system that looks good in any urban dwelling and provides a steady supply of mint for your mojitos and always fresh herbs at the ready!

Maintenance is a breeze

Just empty the water in the bucket (you can use this water to fertilise some of your soil plants) once a month. Just reach into the bucket, disconnect the hose from the pipe connector, switch the water pump back on and let it empty the bucket for you. Then refill it with fresh water and re-dose with Hexgrow liquid nutrients.