Hydroponic Workshop at Far East Flora in October 2016


Thorben and I will be holding our first hydroponic workshop on Saturday, 22nd October at Far East Flora Thomson. You'll need to register on Far East Flora's website to participate in this limited numbers session starting at 11am. Sign up for the workshop HERE

UPDATE: The first workshop session appears to have been popular and we're all full up. We're planning on a second session to start at 2pm. Check the FEF FB event for more info when!

Outline of the workshop as follows:

Why does Hydroponics work so well?

  • What is "growing medium"?
  • What are grow Cubes aka rock wool?
  • Benefits of rock wool versus other mediums

What is the difference between hydroponic, organic and "regular" fertilizers?

  • Mixing and maintaining nutrient minerals

Setting up a hydroponic garden for success

  • Choosing location to start your garden
  • Choosing best plants based on our climate and your growing conditions

Seeding to harvest – some basic guidelines for success

  • Transplanting Seedlings
  • Propagating from Cuttings

How to identify insects and pests…and deal with them!

  • Organic pest controls and how to use them

Participants will walk away armed with some knowledge of growing their food as well as a goodie bag from both Aerospring Gardens and Far East Flora valued at $30!

There will be many more workshops to come now that we have our own space to conduct this in, so check into our blog page and Facebook Page for latest updates!