Harvesting Herbs


We hear this a lot - too much Basil and Mint on their Aerospring Garden! We're happy to hear that it's growing so well for some people but guess that you all need some ideas on what to do with your bounty of a produce! We make jars of pesto every week, mixing all the varieties of Basil into the food processor and any excess mint gets put in bottles of water so we have fresh minty water always.

It's always daunting to start cutting, pinching or trimming a plant you have nurtured to maturity, especially if you are a first time successful gardener but the honest truth is that a plant is healthier and produces more when it is groomed regularly! You do your Basil and Mint no favours by letting them grow long and leggy, so become acquainted with a pair of gardening shears (or use your fingers to pinch off)!

Start topping your Basil when it reaches about 15cm tall and begins forming several sets of leaves. Regularly pinch your mint so that it doesn't grow like string and instead bushes out. Every time you pinch these herbs, two new shoots form at the pinch point and the plant continues growing but it "bushes" out.

The experts explain this a whole lot better than I do, so read the below article which guides you on how to groom these herbs and others!

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