Aerospring Gardens at Stamford International School


We were invited to give a talk on innovation to Year 4 students at the Stamford American International School last week. Vesna Radivajovic, a friend of ours, had organised for Thorben to talk to about 12 classes first thing in the morning about how he invented the Aerospring Garden.

I don't think we were prepared for the questions, the enthusiasm and the response! They really were intrigued about 3D printing, plants and bugs (for some strange reason!). We're really chuffed to have been able to tell the story of how and why we started this company in the first place and there's nothing like kids asking questions about it that puts things in perspective!

We thank the teachers and the students of Year 4 at Stamford American International School in Singapore for the opportunity to talk to them about living and actualising a dream. Something for them to ponder about the next time they come up with a bright idea!

We're looking forward to future workshops and events at schools!